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Very middle-of-the-road, but far from bad. It's a little repetitive, but what's there sounds good enough.

Nice work :)

andresgamesxd responds:

¡Thanks you! I hope you continue to enjoy it...

It sounds lovely, but a little generic for dance music. Otherwise it's well-made.

Hey, pretty nice work :D

I think this is a lovely little song. The synths and such sound pleasant and never sound harsh like a lot of other sounds in this genre. I can picture this in Sonic Mania, which is pretty high praise if you ask me. Fantastic work making this.

Keep it up :)

Another good track.

The chord progression is lovely and the song just has a good sound to it, the mixing and choice of instruments. It's a well made piece all around, for sure. It's a little on the short side, but it does have a nice ending.

Fantastic work once again <3

The first half of this song was a bit unpleasant, but the second half really starts to get interesting. I liked the synths and the interesting melodies. It sounded a bit like the Norfair theme from the original Metroid on NES, which I like.

This track isn't quite there yet, but it has potential to be something great.

GeometryDashMau5Kids responds:

Gracias, de hecho esta probando con nuevos sintetizadores para luego crear un electro house experimental. Le daré más potencial

Amazing work, fam.

I really like this one. It's very pleasant and relaxing. It's not flashy or loud, but a soft and mellow track that makes for good thinking music; and at the same time it doesn't come off as plain or generic like a lot of these types of songs tend to be. I really like the vocals, too. They're an interesting choice, but don't come off as distracting or anything. They fit surprisingly well for the overall mood.

Again, wonderful job here. Added to favorites <3

Very decent.

Not really my favorite genre of music, but for what it is it's well made. The mixing is good, the synths and vocals sound nice, and there's a good amount of variety. Great work overall.

Keep it up.

HyipThread responds:


Very okay :-)

I respect you for doing something different. Most of the music on this site kinda sounds samey, so good on you. The timing is a little wonky at times, but it sounds good otherwise. The song is short, and there isn't much meat on the bones, but what's there sounds lovely.

Nice work.

SpeciBat responds:

Most everything on here nowadays is some form of techno, ye.

I didn't expect much praise on this particular one, mainly due to this being a bit of an experiment with my playing speed.

Thanks though!

Hmm, very decent. I like it :)

The sound is a little harsh, but the melodies and overall structure are interesting. And don't feel bad about the loop hiccup. I still don't know how to make loops seamless on this site.

Nice work, dude.

celldamage responds:

"The sound is a little harsh"

Is there any way to fix that? Different synths, or is it an EQ thing?

Getting a Daft Punk vibe with this one. It's a nice song to have playing in the background. It's pleasant and non-distracting, good study music. By the same token, it's also a bit plain.

Great work otherwise. Keep it up :)

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