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Lousy Reading Series

Posted by Bertn1991 - February 28th, 2018

I have an extremely difficult time reading aloud, so I've started a reading series in hopes of getting better. Right now I'm reading stories out of an old book of fairy tales I found, nothing too difficult. Feel free to check out the video and let me know what you like and what you think could be better. I'd like to also get into voice acting here on New Grounds eventually.


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I, too, would like to try my mouth at VAing at some point... for free, of course... for only the bestest, sexiest people on NG, of course... to make a complete, total, and unquestionable ass of myself, of course. I've just been too lazy, of course, or, perhaps, preoccupied with gaming, of course, but my interests will eventually shift again, and, of course, I'll either start trying to draw (I already have a backlog of casual requests, of course) daily or, hopefully, fiddle with Studio One some more in order to figure out how all this equipment I bought last year works.

Of course, I enjoyed the story you read, and, of course, I knew the build-up was going to result in something adorable. You have a pleasant voice, of course, so that makes Bertn's Book Time all the more wonderful, of course.

And, of course, I can't wait to hear more stories from you in later videos. <3

That was, quite possibly, nay, THE, comma-spliciest comment there ever was, of course, and, also, in addition to, very sweet. I've grown tired of the words "glad" and "happy", so I'll just say that I'm exultant that you liked my reading of the story, quite exultant indeed. Yep, it's such a cute story.

And you're right, it's easy to be excited about something only to lose interest and start focusing on other things. It's like trying to eat nothing but [insert favorite junk food]. It's fun at first, but gets old (and super unhealthy) after awhile. Though it sounds counter intuitive, I try not to focus on one thing for very long and constantly switch between my hobbies. My biggest fear is roaches, but boredom is a close second.

Thanks for reading, watching and being such a nice guy.

Ey, I like your voice, I think the characters are still kinda bland sometimes, I personally would say try more exagerated voices. But you got a cool soothing voice, I really really dig the narration. Do more of these!

Also you got a shitload of good music, don't you ever consider singin in some of them?

Thank you so much. That's the nicest thing I've heard in awhile. I'll definitely do more ^.^

And I'm happy you like my music. Er, I only like singin' when no one's around and I live with seven other people, so... someday.

Thanks again for the kind words, Pegasu <3

Going by your video on the You von Tubas, is it safe to assume you are not feeling as happy as a squirrel in the springtime of its youth during the actual season of Spring?


I guess I did sound a bit out-of-sorts in that video. I have been feeling kinda buttsville lately. I get nervous sometimes when my family fights. I never get involved. It's especially mortifying when friends are over and folks are squabbling over things that don't matter, or I hear the all-too-familiar sound of a door slammed in anger. I wish Galaxy-Man would come save me. Then again, he isn't much of a hero. He'd probably crash into my house but somehow not go to jail for it.

Keeping my mind busy with music-making helps. That's probably why I've been posting so much lately. I've been muchly excited about this soundtrack I'm making. I plan to do more soundtracks since it's been helping so much with motivation and stuff, but who knows if it'll last. Here's hoping it does.

That was awful nice of you to check up on me. Thank you for being such a caring fella. I hope your birthday was bonkers, but it a good, fun sorta way. Am I using bonkers correctly? What even is a bonker, and why are some things labeled as such? My brain is broken. I'm gonna go lie down. Take care <3

The end.

In the distant future, I hope to someday "dramatically" read some of my blog posts in a similar fashion to your videos. Of course, if I made it into a video, rather than an audio file, I would probably need to pay a guy to incorporate something worth viewing while I read my garbage blogs, so I would probably just save them as audio submissions, because I'm lazy.

Well, you could always do the extra lazy thing and just read your blog posts over footage of Metal of Duty: Modern Warfighter Elite, even though it wouldn't have anything to do with anything.

Audio submissions would be nice, too. I'm an avid listener of audio books and podcasts, so something like this would be precisely within my alley :-)

Well, if nothing else, I could always just read one to you over the phone or something. I do like to hear my own voice, though I can't talk for long without drinking something every five-to-ten minutes. Throat gets sour pretty easily. I naturally ramble a lot, as well.