My Polka Song

2017-04-14 04:28:35 by Bertn1991

It's annoyingly cheerful, but I like it :-)



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2017-04-14 13:39:56

FANTASTIC! You wouldn't happen to have a bandcamp to purchase this, would ya?

Bertn1991 responds:

So glad you enjoyed the music, sir. Thanks for listening :D

My Bandcamp can be found here if you'd really like to help support me ^.^


2017-04-15 00:07:40

91 scrents is an odd amount to ask for. Too odd of an amount. Couldn't do it. I don't want nine scrents in change handed back to me, especially not the four punnies.

Bertn1991 responds:

91 is a lovely number though. It's a penny, a nickel, a dime, a quarter and a half-dollar :-)


2017-04-15 00:08:18

Keep the dollatta, instead. Also, thank you.

Bertn1991 responds:

No no thank you! I'm gonna spend it on Jolly Ranchers in 24 to 48 hours. Thanks again, sir :-)


2017-06-03 17:27:37

There are other, non-Polka (I recently found out THAT became a thing in the music industry for whatever reason... wish somebody had told me) Bertn songs not available at, and that's terrible or something, I think. You do realize, understand, and possible, if not probably, if not definitely, if not at all, know that you are morally, legally, inherently, and financially expected, obligated, and duty-bound to post your masterpieces, musicpieces, and meeces to pieces on what you kids call, refer to, and know as "teh bandcamp" for monetary exchange of stinky, wet digimoney to procur, obtain, and possibly even purchase your ear-enhanced music of sounds, yes? Yes? YES? Maybe? ...but also yes?

Oxford commas, Bertn! Oxford commas everywhere! Serial, too, but I can't add certain, Bertn-certain, songs to my player if there's no Bertn option to swap Bertn jams for Bertn dollars.

Ya know what I'm sayin', typin', feelin', spoutin', spewin', and servin' on a warm plate of pasta, meat, and spinach, bro, brah, broheim, brohaus, broBertn? BertnBertn? BertnErnie? Dawg? D-awg? 'Dog' misspelled? ...and teh such? teh such? such? Make it happen!

Mur. Also, mur.