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It's well put together, if unoriginal. The whole infomercial thing is so overdone. I will say that the voice work was fantastic and the animation itself was good. This isn't bad at all.

Nice work :-)

This is great, but it's not animation. This would be better suited for YouTube. Again though, this is an excellent short! I loved the spookiness of it :-)

Spooky-dooky stuff!

Mm, I don't know. I'm not feeling it...

I thought some of the voices were funny, but the whole thing was kinda dumb. I guess that's the joke, but I dunno, it seemed like so little effort was put into the writing and animation. While not for me, I think a lot of people would get a good laugh of this. The humor is so strange and dry after all, and I think there's a lot of appeal there. This would fit right in on Adult Swim I think.

Don't let me discourage you any. Keep it up!

Hmm, not too bad...

It's kinda short to be a 16 week project, but it looks pretty good. The sound was sparse, but worked well, and the visuals were pleasant enough, if a bit unremarkable. All in all, a pretty good short film.

Nicely done :^)

Degelraadio responds:

Well, I was a bit disorganized, and in truth, I really only had 3 days per week to work on it. But meh, that's all excuses. I honestly agree that it could've been longer, but I'm not the best at writing scripts on the fly, so unfortunately this was all that came of the very short planning period. I appreciate the review though!

Dude, come on, man, where's this "battle" I heard so much about? I was promised a battle. In all fairness, some of the drawings were good, but the sound was kinda sorta oddly strange in a weird way. Good effort though!

Strangely stylish. It's bizarre and hypnotic, in the best of ways of course. I won't be forgetting this any time soon. Hey, imagine if Jet-Chicken was a 22 minute cartoon series. This would be the absolute perfect intro for the show. What would it be about? Who knows, but I'd like to see it. That'd be so cool. Anyway, good job making this. Looks like you really know what you're doing : )

Mightydein responds:

I've remember watching a lot of your pervious work and writing reviews too.

I actually hidden a subtle reference to Yonder Ho within this movie.

I hidden pete somewhere in this movie.

Did you spot him?

I'm very pleased that you enjoyed my flash movie.

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