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Hullo! My name is Brent. I’m just a nerd who fancies squirrels, comics, cartoons, video games, root beer, cereal and collecting random junk.

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Bertn1991's News

Posted by Bertn1991 - August 11th, 2017

If you have any questions about me, my art, Yonder Ho, my music, or just anything at all you ever wanted to know, ask away and I'll make a follow-up video answering all questions to the best of my ability. Watch the video for more info.


Posted by Bertn1991 - April 14th, 2017

It's annoyingly cheerful, but I like it :-)



Posted by Bertn1991 - March 18th, 2017

It's the fifth in a series of kinda sub-part platform games of mine :-)


Posted by Bertn1991 - January 1st, 2017

One time on a job application, for desired salery I wrote "maximum wage." -_-



Posted by Bertn1991 - December 29th, 2016

I'm going to be trying something a little new! I'm thinking about making an audio fantasy adventure series! It's like a dramatic reading with added sounds and music and plenty of heart, kinda like a radio show from way back in the day. With the popularity of sites like Audible.com, and even creepypasta readings on YouTube, I kinda think there could be a place for this :-)

What do you guys think?

Posted by Bertn1991 - November 14th, 2016

A few months ago, I met an eccentric hippy in Georgia. He drunkenly gave me his acoustic guitar on the one caveat that I "impress" him. While I doubt my guitar skills will impress many people, I still cobbled together a short album to send to him. The recording equipment is sucky beyond measure, but I hope you all enjoy listening to it <3


Posted by Bertn1991 - November 6th, 2016

Galaxy-Man had a grand total of no dollars and zero cents to pay for a proper attorney, so he unfortunately represented himself. With Cherry close behind, he staggered his way into the courtroom, 17 minutes late and noticeably recovering from a monstrous hangover. He may have even been a little drunk. His hair was a tangled nightmare and his skin was as greasy as the bits of bacon in his teeth. He had slept late and came as he was, no shower and black stubble on his face. He wore two flip flops that almost matched, cargo shorts that started life as pants, and a lime green “Legalize it” V-neck shirt with cutoff sleeves. The man certainly didn't look his Sunday best.

Posted by Bertn1991 - September 8th, 2016

For whatever reason, this stupid video I made is the most popular video on my channel.


Posted by Bertn1991 - July 30th, 2016

Truth be told, talking scares me to death. I get so nervous when I have to speak up and I hate that. That must sound silly, but it's so difficult for me sometimes and it really holds me back I think. So, I'm thinking about making movie reviews for YouTube featuring my voice. I might do discussions on other things as well and try to build some kind of fan base. I thought this might be a good way to overcome my fear. Honestly, I HATE hearing my own voice played back, and this probably isn't going to be fun at first, but maybe if I hear it enough I'll be more accepting of what I sound like, and maybe it will become easier for me to speak my mind. For the record, I do have healthy self-esteem. I'm just not the best orator out there. Anyways, would any of you guys be interested to see them? I made an intro draft. It doesn't really say much, but it's kinda cute ^_^


Posted by Bertn1991 - June 21st, 2016

It's Chibunese! 5331846_146652381363_Chibunese.png