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It's well put together, if unoriginal. The whole infomercial thing is so overdone. I will say that the voice work was fantastic and the animation itself was good. This isn't bad at all.

Nice work :-)

This is great, but it's not animation. This would be better suited for YouTube. Again though, this is an excellent short! I loved the spookiness of it :-)

Spooky-dooky stuff!

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An okay concept, but the game never gets any harder. At least, I don't think it does. If you're pretty good then it basically becomes an endurance match to see how long you're willing to play. I think you have a really good concept, but it's held back by the game's lack of difficulty. If the platforms maybe sped up as you got more and more coins, then I think you'd have a much better game. It was a fun 10 minutes or so regardless. Nice work : )

WolfoxYo responds:

Okay, thank you.

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Very middle-of-the-road, but far from bad. It's a little repetitive, but what's there sounds good enough.

Nice work :)

andresgamesxd responds:

¡Thanks you! I hope you continue to enjoy it...

It sounds lovely, but a little generic for dance music. Otherwise it's well-made.

Hey, pretty nice work :D

I think this is a lovely little song. The synths and such sound pleasant and never sound harsh like a lot of other sounds in this genre. I can picture this in Sonic Mania, which is pretty high praise if you ask me. Fantastic work making this.

Keep it up :)

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I think I just found my spirit animal. I'm digging this little fella.

It's like Professor E. Gadd meets Rayman. I like it. Cute little guy ^.^

Very nice Amethyst! You did a fine job capturing the look of Steven Universe, but there's plenty of your own style going on, too, which is nice. I think this would look good with a background location. Like a little scene in a way. But yeah, good work overall. Keep it up :)

Amethyst is easily my favorite of the Gems~

RaineOuShine responds:

Thank you! This is an older piece, but I have been trying to motivate myself to do backgrounds for my art pieces, you give my faith that I can do it! =' )

Hullo! My name is Brent. I’m just a nerd who fancies squirrels, comics, cartoons, video games, root beer, cereal and collecting random junk.

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