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2017-11-27 14:36:39 by Bertn1991

So my very prescription randomly went up like 6000% and now I can't afford the medicine I need. I don't feel well. I haven't been eating enough, I can't sleep, and I haven't really been making music or animations or (duck) drawings. My downs have been casted and all my melons are choly, but here's hoping things will turn around, and I'm sure they will. So in short, I'm just being dramatic and posting my personal problems online even though I'm gonna regret it and be embarrassed when things get better.

On the bright side, I found some of my old boardgames from back in the day. Small victories :)5331846_151181087713_Image194.jpg

NaNoWriMo 2017 # 1

2017-10-30 22:51:50 by Bertn1991

November is National Novel Writing Month so I'm coming up with characters and ideas for a potential story :)

The world is an alternate reality very much like our own, with mostly the same countries and cultures, but with more fantastical elements such as magic, vampires, robots, gods, a sky with two moons, and sometimes animals who can speak.

In the town of Moberry there's a rusty old steamboat called the Southern Belle which has since been fashioned into traveling river hotel where folks of all walks of life pass through. As a traveling hotel, its residents have been on many strange adventures to all sorts of faraway lands. The hotel is owned by Mr. Bentley, a corny older man who's always willing to help anyone who asks. People come and go, but his doors are always open.

A few people live and work in the hotel full time, though some of the jobs are less important than others. There really isn't much need to employ an acrobat full-time, but still she's on the payroll. Mr. Bentley is not one to ask questions. If someone asks for something, he gives it to them.

Judy "Jude" Strange:
Jude was brought up in only the most dysfunctional of households, having a drunkenly annoying father and a loving but mostly uninvolved mother; she's never quite fit in anywhere and isn't very good at the whole "talking" thing, a skill that everyone else seems to excel at; her life is given a newfound sense of meaning and brotherhood when she befriends the decidedly strange residents of the Southern Belle Hotel and gets the family she never really had

Mr. Bentley:
a very wealthy, extremely kind and generous older gentleman who lets people of all walks of life live in his hotel free of charge, no questions asked; everybody at the hotel respects him and treats him like a father; when it comes to the latest trends he's comically behind the times, but he does his best to be cool; his incredibly outdated slang and apparent lack of any current pop culture knowledge whatsoever makes him come off as kind of a goofball, but charming in his own way

Ricardo Gomez:
a mustachioed, chain-smoking "master of the mystic" and hunter of all manner of strange and demonic forces

a fast-talking morphine addicted actress from New York with the fashion sense and personality of a 1920's flapper girl

Marilyn McCarthy:
a dyslexic but otherwise highly intelligent stage and film director with dreams of being famous; however, he's difficult to work with because he doesn't use scripts, seeing how he can't read them

Angel Valentine:
a sarcastic female ninja who hunts aliens, armed with nothing more than a kitana and a ponytail

Alice from Wonderland:
as an adult she works as a psychiatrist of all things, though, she herself is a little mad

the very literal embodiment of grief and sorrow; a supernatural being with the form of a porcupine who wears a wooden mask to hide his face, as just the act of looking into his eyes causes people to kill themselves; he works at the front desk of the hotel to check people in

a wise, bearded mandolin player from India who seldom speaks, but always has something meaningful and insightful to say

Chelsea Rhodes:
a depressed acrobat with a love for cats

Jackie Boothe:
a kleptomaniacal female Irish lawyer with an eyepatch

Dr. Ono:
a robotic Japanese MD with the appearance of a little girl, who speaks in fractured English

Ms. Cook:
A very fat anthropomorphic rat who, living up to her name, is in fact a cook

a chubby anthropomorphic fox businessman who sells pomade and other haircare products

Scatman Duckworthy:
a forgetful and dimwitted bartender known for his blatant incompetence, drunken behavior, and utterly inexcusable inability to bartend

Ariel Watts:
a very contented janitor who just happens to be the daughter of the queen and heir to a throne she doesn't want

Greg Thomas:
an abnormally normal middle-aged intellectual and voice of reason who always seems to end up in very strange situations

Marina Moon:
a prickly teenage girl, seamstress and the co-founder of the indie rock group, Marina and the Mischief Makers; she is known for her lazy but rebellious nature, and for her unique fashion sense; she wears a hand-crafted porcupine quill hoodie, various piercings and rings, and sports a set of shiny braces

Cheryl Moon:
a smart, pretty girl who gets good grades and tries her best to avoid trouble, except for when she takes the blame for Marina's wrongdoing; she is a nice, easy going, and caring person who would do anything for her friends, although she can be whimsical at times when she doesn't get things her way

Harold Parr:
a forever single man in his 50s who has spent the last 35 years in bed watching TV

Dot Elliot:
an incredibly sweet man who is admittedly very effeminate and doesn't have much of a masculine side at all; he is a very talented cartoonist, but struggles with emotional issues and has great difficulty socializing with others


2017-08-11 20:41:36 by Bertn1991

If you have any questions about me, my art, Yonder Ho, my music, or just anything at all you ever wanted to know, ask away and I'll make a follow-up video answering all questions to the best of my ability. Watch the video for more info.

My Polka Song

2017-04-14 04:28:35 by Bertn1991

It's annoyingly cheerful, but I like it :-)


I'm working on a game :\

2017-03-18 00:05:37 by Bertn1991

It's the fifth in a series of kinda sub-part platform games of mine :-)

They never called back...

2017-01-01 04:08:56 by Bertn1991

One time on a job application, for desired salery I wrote "maximum wage." -_-



Audio Fiction Series!

2016-12-29 01:14:23 by Bertn1991

I'm going to be trying something a little new! I'm thinking about making an audio fantasy adventure series! It's like a dramatic reading with added sounds and music and plenty of heart, kinda like a radio show from way back in the day. With the popularity of sites like, and even creepypasta readings on YouTube, I kinda think there could be a place for this :-)

What do you guys think?

I Made an Album

2016-11-14 03:14:54 by Bertn1991

A few months ago, I met an eccentric hippy in Georgia. He drunkenly gave me his acoustic guitar on the one caveat that I "impress" him. While I doubt my guitar skills will impress many people, I still cobbled together a short album to send to him. The recording equipment is sucky beyond measure, but I hope you all enjoy listening to it <3

Galaxy-Man had a grand total of no dollars and zero cents to pay for a proper attorney, so he unfortunately represented himself. With Cherry close behind, he staggered his way into the courtroom, 17 minutes late and noticeably recovering from a monstrous hangover. He may have even been a little drunk. His hair was a tangled nightmare and his skin was as greasy as the bits of bacon in his teeth. He had slept late and came as he was, no shower and black stubble on his face. He wore two flip flops that almost matched, cargo shorts that started life as pants, and a lime green “Legalize it” V-neck shirt with cutoff sleeves. The man certainly didn't look his Sunday best.

Shrek DLC Confirmed for Smash

2016-09-08 01:57:43 by Bertn1991

For whatever reason, this stupid video I made is the most popular video on my channel.